What is Vegan Baklava and How to Produce it?

As you understand from it's name, Vegan Baklava is made by non-animal products.

The most important difference in Vegan Baklava products is these products lacking eggs and pure milk buter. Their dough is only made by wheat flour, water, salt and wheat starch.

Also this dough always prepared in different procurement timing to prevent it from other animal-made products.

Our Vegan products prepared with healthy oil

as SAYTAD, our aim is to produce the best of what we make with the highest quality of raw materials. In Baklava and Kadayif products, oil is one of the most important factor that affects your health.

Our company's choice in oil is hazelnut oil because it does not convert into transfat in baking stage and has good effect on human health.

But we can bake our products with olive oil or sunflower seed oil as you wish...

What are the Vegan Baklava choises?

Almost all of Baklava and Kadayıf kinds can be produced in Vegan way. But we do not produce cream included products and Fruit based products in Vegan style. If you like to order some, you can communicate with us by calling our number 0850 532 4141 and press 9. Also you can mail us 

About Vegan Kadayıf and How to produce it

Vegan Kadayıf includes wheat flour,water, grape molasses and baked with hazelnut oil.