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En lezzetli baklava, börek ve kadayıf çeşitlerini damaklarınıza  sunuyoruz.​

Artık mideniz yanmasın!  ​SAYTAD ile... 


Yepyeni bir lezzet...Saytad Hurma Sulu Baklava 

We wish you health and welness in the new year and presenting you our brand new Baklava which is made out of date syrub.

This brand new baklava is both tasty and mild. 

Instead of using sugar we have produced this baklava which includes only date syrub which is obtained through cold press technique.

While you are pleasured by the deliciousness of Baklava, you will be earning the benefits of date which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy it..:)

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Healthy Baklava by Saytad

We proudly announce you that we are the first Baklava production company which bakes the products in stainless stell tray instead of aliminium tray.

Have your loved ones eat Saytad Baklava with full trust and let them taste the best of it's kind.

 Love the nature, love the humanity

Have you heard about pure butter that we use to produce our traditional Baklava is the purest milk butter that can be found.


Ain't no one be apart from our Baklava

With the experience of our ancestors we rolled the thinnest and the tastiest Vegan Baklava dough.

Perfectionistic taste of SAYTAD Vegan products is hidden in the highest quality raw materials and the masterhood.  

Flavoured by hazelnut oil and baked to be the best.

Providing the required conditions in the procurement process of Vegan goods.

Important that these Vegan goods do not contain any of animal products such as eggs, milk or milk-made products and no added aroma.